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Be Your Own - slogan of Flavor Streetwear

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What Does "Be Your Own" mean to you?

I'm my own person; I have my own opinions and I am not afraid to express them! I live my life in a way that makes me happy- regardless of what others think. My mind is my own.

Daniel Kasaev - Model

Throughout my entire life I have been a 'chameleon'- I have tried to fit in everywhere I was. It took years for me to realize I can be my own person and live based on personal choices instead of others opinons. This is how I wanted to embody my brand. Don't be a casualty of society, be your own.

David Franco - CEO

"Be your own" symbolizes moving beyond the fear of embracing who you are. Show yourself to the world and be proud of it- never hide it. It's all about doing your own thing, in addition to helping others to be more confident in themselves as well. 

Alex Diaz - Model




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